by | Apr 8, 2020 | From Norway

Do you think about your brain? Do you take care of it? What would motivate you to maintain a healthy brain? Help researchers and answer the first Global Brain Health Survey.

The brain is essential for a meaningful life. Brain diseases such as dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy account for about one-third of all diseases worldwide. Taking care of the brain early on in life may help reduce the risk of developing certain brain conditions. However, we know very little about what people are willing to do for their brain.

Researchers have now launched a survey to learn about people’s views on brain health and interest in maintaining a healthy brain. Brain health is about developing and maintaining a healthy brain throughout life.

The Global Brain Health Survey is:

  • Online
  • Anonymous
  • Open to anyone above 18 years of age
  • Available in 14 languages

To participate in the survey:

The survey can be taken using a personal computer, tablet or cell phone with internet access. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. More than 13,000 people around the globe have already answered the survey but we need many more answers!

Why this survey?

There are many factors that influence brain health, like diet, and physical and social activities. It is possible to adopt lifestyles that are beneficial for the brain. However, a previous study conducted among participants in brain research studies showed that the participants did not know much about brain health, did not consciously think about their brain health, and did not purposefully adopt lifestyles to take care of their brain health. We need to understand better what motivates people (or does not motivate them) to adopt brain-friendly behaviors. 

What next?

The more answers, the better. Please take the survey and share it within your networks and with family and friends. Many answers to the survey will help us understand different aspects of brain health, for instance:

  • Which brain-friendly activities do people prefer to perform?
  • Do women and men think in the same way about brain health?
  • Are young people as motivated in taking care of their brain as seniors?
  • Are there any differences between countries in how people think about the brain?

We believe that to increase awareness brain health, it is important to know what pre-existing views people already have about the topic. The results from the Global Brain Health Survey will be used to write scientific articles and develop policy recommendations for brain health.

Results will be made available during the fall of 2020/spring 2021 and featured on the Share4Brain project website.