Share4Brain Final Meeting, Hotel Excelsior, 5-6 May 2022, Bari, Italy

by | Apr 28, 2022 | From Italy

Disorders of the brain, i.e. mental and neurological conditions, impose a tremendous social and economic burden on European society and are among the leading causes of disability and death.
Share4Brain project is an Erasmus+ project involving 6 EU countries and responding to the need to jointly take at any National and local level the human burden caused by brain disorders.
The Project’s goal is to draw the attention of the academic and the general public, as well as relevant state institutions, to the importance of the development of basic and clinical research in the field of neurosciences, as well as to ensure, by integrating all levels of research, better prevention, better diagnosis, and better treatment of patients suffering from neurological and psychiatric disorders.
This meeting is one of four National meetings organized in the framework of the project in order to implement common actions in that direction. A qualified multi-stakeholder group has been set up, including scientists, clinicians, patients, and health decision-makers representatives that have been invited to discuss the major topics linked to brain disorders and the consequent human and economic burden on patients and society.

The Share4Brain Final Meeting will be a hybrid event.

Please use this link to join us virtually!

Agenda : PDF Doc