Write to be understood

Think to the reader!

(And to the search engine optimization)

Some good writing practices:

  • Use a short title that directly addresses the subject.
  • Use short sentences and short paragraphs.
    Your readers are increasingly using their smartphones to read articles (>60%).
    Keep in mind that long sentences are more complicated to read on a small screen than on a large one.
    The same applies to paragraphs.
  • Use common vocabulary.
    Avoid complicated, overly technical terms or acronyms.
    Put important words in bold.
  • Insert bulleted lists.
    They are perfect to increase the readability of a text.
    Bullets can be used to list several elements or to mark the steps in a process.
    Last but not least, they also avoid long paragraphs or sentences with commas and “and”.
  • Use subtitles.
    They allow the text to be aired by separating the paragraphs.

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